Relaxing style of bodywork,
fully dressed on a futon.

In a Shiatsu treatment, you lie on a comfortable Japanese style futon on the floor, fully dressed, covered by a blanket and supported by pillows and bolsters where needed. Your body will slow down and reach a full state of relaxation. You will stay warm and comfortable while the ambient temperature is adjusted according to your needs.

With Shiatsu, the body and its nervous system slows down and allows
deeper healing to take place.

Music as Soundhealing.
The element of music plays a strong part in the efficacy of your healing. You are able to choose which music you would like to listen to.

SCENAR Therapy

SCENAR is a highly effective
form of pain relief

The SCENAR is an TGA approved electro-therapy device and can be used in conjunction with Shiatsu massage therapy. The SCENAR device can alleviate sensations of pain and discomfort.

The device is a nerve stimulator, placed on the skin and used to treat pain associated with surgery, trauma, bursitis, musculoskeletal or dental problems. It may also be used during labour.

SCENAR reconnects pain-affected areas back to the brain, so that the body can  repair and reduce the pain experience.

Gerald ‘Sunbear‘ Heutink

Gerald ‘Sunbear‘ Heutink

Qualified Shiatsu and SCENAR practitioner

I am a qualified shiatsu practitioner and qualified Level 3 SCENAR practitioner,  member of the Shiatsu Therapies Association AustraliaSCENAR Therapist Association Australasia and registered with all health funds for rebates. I work out of Sunbear Shiatsu and SCENAR Pain Relief Clinic in Preston, Melbourne. I am also available for home treatments within a radius of 10 km’s – please contact me by text or email to request a visit.

I am passionate about shiatsu, with its nourishing nature and subtle means of healing. In my clinic, I create a safe and nurturing surrounding for my clients. In my treatments, I facilitate the process of unblocking stagnation and unlocking the inner healing potential. It gives me joy to see my client leave with increased vitality and in great spirits after a session.

In my spare time, I train for Nin-Jutsu, enjoy cooking for my family and looking after my chooks and vegies in the garden. 

My biggest passion is music and I pride myself in making playlists to enhance the restoritive power of shiatsu.

E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 04 00 562 123

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Unbelievable ….. I don’t know why I hadn’t tried shiatsu earlier – thank you Gerald for an AMAZING session 🙂

Caroline Butigan

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the Scenar treatment you administered on my twisted ankle. It was 80% better within minutes. This stuff really works. All the best with your therapy business.

Chris Jurewicz

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The mission of FREE THE BEARS is to protect, preserve and enrich the lives of bears throughout the world.

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