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Sunbear is such an amazing practitioner. He is such a kind, gentle and caring person and works with you exactly to your needs. He intuitively knows which parts of the body to work and is very in tune with what is going on beneath the surface. I was quite sick and had a lot of issues with my gut and digestion, my liver and immune system and he has helped me so much through this process and my physical condition has improved greatly since I started seeing him. I would recommend Gerald to anyone as he is truly a great guy and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment and amazing afterwards.

Aledios Akyllia

Over the past few weeks ,i have had 2 sessions ,i came to him with chronic back pain due to wear&tear and arthritis in my arms.

On both account i was treated by a real & caring professional with a gentle healing touch, Sunbear used soft pressure on meridian points and some electrical pulse with the scenar machine .. i must say that each time i have felt a real improvement and pain relief ,so i would not hesitate to recommend him as an option if you want to get help with your ailments via a natural therapy with no side effects ..

Thank you Sunbear ..

Yvon Mournier

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Leading up to a big event, I had been on-the-go mentally, emotionally and physically. My shiatsu session with Sunbear really helped me to mentally relax and physically recharge. Over the following few days I really noticed a feeling of being more grounded, and a greater sense of general wellbeing.

Thank you Sunbear Shiatsu!

Margeret Carney


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